COVID-19 Update

Dear Sodini Dental patients,

Masks Required
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We are dedicated to our staff and patients. We have taken extensive measures to keep everyone safe and still deliver the highest level of dental care during this unprecedented time. We have always adhered to all guidelines from the ADA, OSHA and Illinois Department of Health when it comes to infection control protocols in our office. We have further advanced these protocols to meet and exceed recommendations from the CDC for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.


  • We are pre-screening all individuals entering the office. This includes both staff and patients.
  • Both patients and the Sodini Dental team are expected to wear a mask at all times in office. Patients will be asked to remove masks only when receiving treatment. 
  • According to the State of Illinois Phase 5 Guidelines, regardless of vaccine status, all individuals are expected to wear a mask in health care settings
  • All individuals entering the office will have their temperatures taken upon arrival with a non-touch infrared thermometer, this includes the Sodini Dental team.
  • All magazines, children’s toys, pamphlets and so forth have been removed as these items are difficult to clean and disinfect.
  • A plexiglass barrier “sneeze guard” has been installed at the reception desk.


In order to protect ourselves and our patients we have implemented measures to purify, decontaminate and continuously recycle the air.

  • We have added medical grade HEPA 13 filtration air purifiers. These units remove 99.97% of airborne particles from the air we breathe. The air is recycled constantly to improve the safety of everyone in the office.
  • Our HVAC system has an electronic air cleaner. The electrically charged filters attract and trap small particles (such as bacteria and mold) to prevent them from recirculating. To enhance this system, we are also installing a UV Light “Air Scrubber.”
  • Intra-oral and Extra-oral Suctions: ReLeaf suction system and Aegis Aerosol Vacstation will be used when appropriate to reduce or eliminate the transmission of aerosol particles.


  • N95 or similar mask
  • Full face shields and/or protective eyewear
  • Gowns
  • Doffing PPE after each patient to maximize patient protection

We are committed to ensuring the office is safe for our patients and our team. 


Drs. Joseph and Samantha Sodini and the entire Sodini Dental Family